What We Believe


Skagit Baptist Church is a small, hospitable, family oriented congregation. We value our mission, as given by Christ, to proclaim the gospel to the world through personal witnessing, local evangelism, and the support of mission organizations (Mat 28:19-20). We prioritize discipleship through the study of God’s word, personal mentoring, and the application of local ministry. We strive to grow in our faith and to exhort one another , so that we may be a source of light to the world, and an encouragement to everyone who enters our doors.

A full description of the Baptist Faith and Message and our church constitution can be viewed here.

We teach that God has a designed purpose for every person. We teach that this purpose is fulfilled through serving in a local church.

We strive to place all who attend in the ministry that will utilize the gifts that God has given them, as well as promote personal growth. 1 Cor 12:4-11

We affiliate ourselves with a the following organizations:

In all matters our primary loyalty is to Jesus Christ, and His written scripture.

How can God's people extend the loving arm of Christ?!